It’s About Risk and You

The Low Beta Portfolio is your companion for engaging with your financial future. Whether you are taking on too much unnecessary risk or not taking on enough, managing risk well is critical to accomplishing your investment goals.

I’ve been an investor since I was young. I’ve been through many phases of investment ups and downs. Missed opportunities, prescient insights, ill-timed bullishness, unwarranted bearishness… Through trial and error, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of it in over 30 years of following and investing in the financial markets.

I was almost bankrupt once. But I’ve also seen the return on investment (ROI) on my individual stock purchases exceed 1,000% on a few occasions. So I know what it’s like to feel tossed around and constantly frustrated by Mr. Market.

These days I do maintain a speculative portfolio. But my preferred investment strategy focuses on the positioning of my retirement portfolio. I believe that a low-beta, reasonable dividend approach is the best portfolio strategy to reliably and methodically build true wealth. If you want to retire well on a dependable income stream, follow my posts here and check out my writings elsewhere.

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I hope that what you learn on this website will smooth out your investment journey.

Risk and return are pliable concepts that are unique to each person. Risk must be understood at each of the levels it affects our financial lives. First, risk operates at the level of the individual. Second, each particular financial market exhibits its own version of risk. Moreover, every single company that trades on those markets also has a unique risk. In combination, the complexity of this financial system presents its own risk. Finally, there is macroeconomic risk, sometimes called market risk or systematic risk, that affects everything. Risk comes in many forms. Risk is embedded into the markets that drive our society.

Investing in financial markets is an inescapable reality of modern life. Stagnant wages and soaring expenses. The inexorable rise of education and health care costs. The lack of affordable housing in many of the world’s hottest residential real estate markets. The inherent volatility of international monetary markets. Investors need to maintain a diverse exposure to uncorrelated asset classes to compete with these virulent inflationary forces.

You must take the reins of your financial future today! Citizens of the world can no longer rely on their company or government to take care of them. Defined benefit pension plans are going the way of the dodo bird. Social Security will be drastically different by the time most of us retire.

Low Beta Portfolio is intended to assist the only person who can control your financial future – You!

Invest safer. Invest smarter.


Nicholas Krapels



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